The 汽车贷款 or credit card you need as you start “adulting!”

申请汽车贷款 申请一张信用卡

或打电话 1-800-621-2105


Turn the tassel and get a headstart on your next stage.

祝贺你! 你已经大学毕业,找到了工作! You must feel so proud — and perhaps a little unsure about upcoming expenses. That’s why 元素 has the 新大学毕业生计划 in place. 你可以申请汽车贷款或信用卡(或者两者都有)!) to help you get started in this next phase of your journey. We’re also just a phone call away any time you have questions, 因为你的财务健康是我们的主要关注点.


  • 专为年轻人设计
  • 有竞争力的价格
  • Flexible—get both the 汽车贷款 and credit card or just 一个 of them
  • 不需要信用记录
  • 200美元现金奖励和信用卡1


  • You’ve become a college graduate within the last six months
  • You have limited or no credit history (but there must be no derogatory credit on file)
  • You are currently employed and can submit official documentation showing your start date


  • Get on the road with new wheels and great rates and terms to fit your budget
  • 有或没有联名签署人,都有资格获得最高2.5万美元的贷款
  • 有竞争力的价格
  • 选择推迟首次付款最多90天



汽车贷款 感兴趣 率  4月  每月 付款 贷款期限 (个月)
新 & 使用2023 + 6.79% 7.17% $721.09 48
使用2021 - 2022 6.94% 7.32% $723.21 48
使用2019 - 2020 7.44% 7.82% $730.28 48
使用2017 - 2018 8.19% 8.57% $740.96 48

利率 effective May 1, 2024, subject to change without notice. Each individual’s Annual Percentage 率 (4月) is determined by 元素' underwriting criteria. Not all applicants will qualify for the displayed lowest rate. A documentary fee of $225 applies to all booked 汽车贷款 applications. 年利率计算和例子每月付款在 汽车贷款利率表 based on loan amount of $30,000, FICO® score of 730 or greater, and term of 48 months. 费率包括0.25% reduction for Preauthorized Transfer from an 元素 checking account. 率 reduction is subject to increase if the Preauthorized Transfer is discontinued. 附加条件可能适用. 须经信贷审批. 支付 shown do not include taxes or insurance premiums. 请拨打2016年及之前车型的电话.


  • 我们的最低费率,没有滞纳金2
  • Qualify for up to $1,500 available credit limit on with or without a cosigner
  • 信用额度可根据信用等级提高
  • $200现金奖励1



铂签证 购买 & 资产转移
介绍4月为6 个月  0%
6个月后的可变年利率 期  14.24%
资产转移 费  0%

铂签证 Introductory 4月 (Annual Percentage 率) good for six months. 利记app官网 loans are not eligible for payoff with 介绍 balance transfer offers. 须经信贷审批. 附加限制、条款和条件适用. 后 介绍 period your Standard variable 4月 for 购买 and 资产转移 will be 14.24%为白金签证. 5月1日生效, 2024, and will vary with the market based on the Prime 率 as published in The Wall Street Journal. 元素 reserves the right to amend or discontinue offers at any time. 条款 & 条件.



我们将贷款给你买新车或二手车, and you will pay it back with interest over a specified period of time. It doesn’t matter if you buy your vehicle from a dealer, an auto lot, or an individual.

这很好 提前计划 获得预先批准 你的汽车贷款. That way you can have a better idea of what price range you should be shopping for. Being preapproved also gives you good negotiating power with the seller.

元素 can finance up to 120% of your car’s value, including tax and license. It’s a good idea, though, to put down at least 20% of the purchase price. Of course, the more you pay up front, the lower your monthly payment will be.

我们知道买车可能会让人有点不知所措. 不要害怕! 我们有 partnerships that can 使 the process easier for you.

得到预先批准 了解更多关于汽车贷款

What are the advantages of the 元素 铂签证®?


白金卡的利率是最低的, and you get a $200 cash bonus just by using your card.1 这张信用卡也没有滞纳金, 没有国际交易费用, 无余额转帐费用, 而且没有年费.2 That means you can use the card anywhere Visa is accepted with peace of mind that you won’t incur any unexpected fees.

白金卡提供 0% 介绍 4月 for 6 months on purchases and balance transfers. 后 the 介绍 period, there is a variable annual percentage rate of 14.24%.

元素 铂签证 holders also enjoy the following features when using their card:

  • 芯片卡技术
  • 欺诈警报
  • 事务提醒
  • 汽车租赁碰撞损害豁免
  • 持卡人查询服务
  • 更换紧急卡
  • 紧急现金支付
  • 卡丢失或被盗报告
  • 购买安全 
  • 零责任政策
  • 路边的调度
  • 旅行和紧急援助服务
  • 旅游意外保险(最高可达$100,000)





  1. 网上申请- 你可以在短短15分钟内在线申请! 网上递交申请 对于一个 汽车贷款 和/或 白金卡 随时来电 1-800-621-2105 开始吧. Have ready your government-issued ID (driver’s license, state ID, or passport) and 居住证明.
  2. 接我们的电话 We'll contact you within 一个 工作日 after you submit your application to go over what documentation we'll need and to answer your questions. 如果你正在申请汽车贷款, 我们要问一下你的车的价值, 使, 模型, 一年, 里程, 及身份证号码(如没有在申请表上提供).
  3. 就是这样! - 我们会在短期内通知你 一个 工作日. 一旦你的申请被批准, we’ll contact you to sign documents and your loan or credit card will be ready to use!


  1. 1 信用卡相关$200现金奖励价值优惠 — requiring at least 10 card purchase transactions totaling at least net $1,000 within 90 days of card approval — will be fulfilled as a 一个-time $200 statement credit. Statement credit will not reduce your monthly payment. 如果在六个月内结清账户, we reserve the right to add the amount of the statement credit back to your account balance at that time. 担保信用卡除外. Existing or previous 元素 credit cardholders not eligible.  /  Offer subject to credit approval and may be taxable. 元素 reserves the right to amend or discontinue offers at any time. 可能适用额外的条款和条件. Please allow 4-6 weeks after qualifications are met for receipt of a statement credit. Product offers cannot be combined with other promotional offers for the same product. 每户一份优惠.
  2. 2 Platinum and 现金奖励签证 信用卡 Transaction 费s — 信用卡 资产转移: 没有一个. 信用卡预支现金: 每次现金预支不超过3%或至少5美元.00. 信用卡境外交易: 每笔以美元进行的对外交易的1%.S. 美元.